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For the procedures of publishing, duplicating, distributing and listing of the poems published on Saavan.in in any other media, Indian copyright laws, international copyright agreements and other relevant legislation are applicable. Such procedures may require the permission of the individuals holding the legal publishing rights of the poems. The one concerned with such requests, is not Saavan.in but the persons holding the publishing rights of those poems. The fact that a poems is being published on Saavan.in, does not mean that the poet (or his/her representative) agrees to have this poem be published on all sites on the Internet.

By registering, entering or sending via e-mail a poem to Saavan.in the persons concerned agree that the relevant poems can be published on Saavan.in and hereby certify that the published poem is their own original work and the poet reserves all rights to the poem.The poet is publishing the poem as their own honest and true effort of their personal creativity and unique artistic vision.

The poet will hold the copyright for the poem but Saavan.in will hold the right to publish the poems posted on their website in any of their anthologies.

The publishing rights of all the other writings, materials, pictures, methods, codes and figures in electronic or physical media, belong to Saavan.in. These materials cannot be duplicated or used without prior written approval.

Please write us for your questions on the rules of publishing rights can be sent to us at connect@saavan.in

This policy maybe updated from time to time. We encourage you to periodically review this page for the latest on our privacy policies.

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