I identify as an exchange student

She was chosen,to see the world
The world full of experiences,love and hate.
It was hard for her to let go of those,
Who she used to see everyday
But she was enchanted to see the other side of the world
And she knew that her heart was made to travel.
She flew through boundaries,oceans and barriers
Taking with her the confidence,opinions and knowledge.
And so she stepped out in the light but she still felt the fear
As it wasn’t the place she used to belong.
And there it was the ray of hope
Standing for her to hug her close.
These people She’ve never seen before
Would be her family in this place which wasn’t her own.
Since the past few months she’s been an observer ,an explorer and a learner.
She embraced the community,country,and culture
Meeting new people was always exciting for her
The people she met were sweet and lovely
But she wanted more.
She wanted to be recognized,accepted and loved,
And to be known who she was.
She is me.
And here I stand in front of you as no ordinary person,
I am an ambassador, a visitor,and a change maker
Coz To be an exchange student is more than what you think,
You get to live a second life , a life in an year.
Not just full of joy but also with ups and downs and fear.
It’s been an honor to be here and to be one of you
And learn how we are different and similar too.
Soon I would be leaving for place where I live
Taking back with me the memories and presents to give.
To learn about every on of you
Is one of my goal to achieve
But By the time I’ll get to know you all
It would be time to leave.

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सिमट रहा हूं धीरे धीरे इन सर्द रातों में छिपा रहा हूं खुद को खुद में इस बेनूर अंधेरे में कभी कोई चीख सुनाई देती…


  1. In this heartfelt poem, we join a brave student on a quest for acceptance and discovery. Through relatable experiences, we’re reminded of our own longing for connection in a vast world.
    The student’s desire for recognition and love resonates deeply, reflecting our universal yearning for genuine relationships. We empathize with their anticipation and apprehension in a new community.
    As the student navigates diverse cultures, forging bonds with kindred spirits, we’re reminded of our own journeys through life’s tapestry. The poem captures the fleeting nature of time, leaving cherished memories and a lingering sense of longing.
    With evocative language, we’re transported into the student’s world, feeling their joy, fears, and hope. It’s a poignant reminder to embrace the unknown, celebrate differences, and cherish the transformative power of connection.
    This poem is a touching ode to the human spirit, inviting us to cherish moments that shape our lives and weave us together in life’s beautiful pattern.

  2. Particular yet generalised view in these lived words gives a glimpse of the spirit of all those who deny to set in the pre-determined ways of society;
    whose spirit knows no limits but an infinite world to inhale, For they refuse to be confined by minimalist approach.

    Wanderers,with a varied aim, know no bounds,And in their hearts adventure resounds;
    Unfixed destinations,home to their souls..a call,they say, of liberated goals.
    Representing the story of the pilgrims on their way,
    a diverse experience they convey;
    On their pilgrimage they reveal,
    A truth many of us can feel;
    And..and, of those too who wish the same,the journey beautifully insane.

    1. And Aditi, along with above description,want to make some addition on the title you gave,that seems a bit ambiguous: as the word ‘exchange’ doesn’t seem fitting here appropriately,to me;it being a two-way process needs a person that one got exchanged with.
      Might it be: I identify as a changed/interchanged student or may switched student; though the whole representation was beautiful!
      Thank you

  3. Naming of poem maybe a little ambiguous:- It could just just ” A Journey of an Exchange Student” Or “Wandering Hearts: A Journey of an Exchange Student”


    The poem captures the journey and emotions of an exchange student who leaves her familiar surroundings to explore the world. It beautifully depicts the conflict between holding on to the past and embracing new experiences. The poem conveys the sense of excitement, fear, and hope that comes with venturing into the unknown. It highlights the importance of connection, acceptance, and personal growth through cultural immersion.

    The imagery used in the poem effectively portrays the student’s journey across boundaries, oceans, and barriers, symbolizing the physical and emotional challenges she faces. The mention of being an observer, explorer, and learner reflects the transformative nature of the exchange experience. The desire for recognition, acceptance, and love, along with the yearning to be known for who she truly is, adds depth to the protagonist’s character.

    The poem also emphasizes the importance of community and the role it plays in the student’s journey. The mention of the ray of hope and the newfound family in a foreign land conveys a sense of belonging and support. The portrayal of meeting new people as exciting and the desire to learn about others further accentuate the student’s curiosity and open-mindedness.

    The concluding lines express gratitude for the opportunity and the bittersweet feeling of leaving. The speaker acknowledges the impact the experience has had on her and her desire to continue learning from and connecting with others. The overall theme of personal growth, cultural exchange, and the transient nature of the exchange program is effectively conveyed throughout the poem.


    While the poem is well-written, there are a few minor grammatical and punctuation errors:

    1. In the line “These people She’ve never seen before,” the capital “S” in “She’ve” should be lowercase, and there should be an apostrophe after the “v” to indicate the contraction “She’ve” as “She’s.”

    2. In the line “Since the past few months she’s been an observer, an explorer, and a learner,” there should be a comma after “months” to separate the introductory phrase.

    3. In the line “And here I stand in front of you as no ordinary person,” the word “no” should be replaced with “not” to form a grammatically correct sentence.

    4. In the line “Coz To be an exchange student is more than what you think,” the word “Coz” should be spelled as “Cause” or “Because” for clarity and correctness.

    5. In the line “To learn about every on of you,” “on” should be replaced with “one.”

    6. In the line “But By the time I’ll get to know you all,” “By” should be lowercase, and “I’ll” should be written as “I will” for consistency.

    Please note that the poem is is very good and these mistakes are relatively minor and do not significantly impact the overall quality or message of the poem.
    Thank you and Good luck.


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