I see her drowning in the same sea
The same sea, she swam herself out from, yesterday I see her standing near that wall again
But this time her nails are cut too short because she doesn’t want to trouble the wall;
She doesn’t want to carve it,
The way this world carved a hole in her heart
But why did you cut your hair”, I ask
I see her fidgeting. I want to say ” calm down, it’s fine * But I won’t, because I know it ain’t fine this time.
She doesn’t say anything but her eyes won’t stop screaming
And all this while, she doesn’t stop working 1 know, I know she is just veiling
She now looks into the mirror
She smiles and then cries
Her heart doesn’t stop bleeding
She suddenly starts pleading, to whom, to what?
I wonder, standing near the old railing
Suddenly a bright light fell
And I could see all her scars, some bright red and some dull and dark I wanted to go and heal, but then she smiled and pretended to be okay Maybe she wants her scar to remain that way, therefore I stayed away Thinking, she is stronger her own way.
She asks me to leave
But I know she wants me to stay
Because she fears me leaving her someday. but that ain’t today
I see her drowning in the same sea again
But I know she will swim her way out today
The way she did yesterday, the way she did yesterday.

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