Independence Day

Independence & the day; as it was in 2013 & now in 2019

Independence of the country & its citizens is
Not to be regarded by elected leaders as authority & license (to)
Do whatever greedy, unholy acts they want to indulge in nuisance (but)
Entails a great responsibility on their part for all their deeds & actions
Provides freedom & liberty to them to do as they ought for the nation
Engage continuously in activities for benefit & upliftment of its citizens (&)
Nation building for real unity, progress, peace & prosperity of the union
Developing profound brotherhood & love within all sections in the country,
Enlightened clean living of self, setting as an example in sincerity & honesty
Nurturing & demonstrating in all aspects high individual & national character
Commanding for country respect & power in comity of Nations of high order
Enlightened Democratic Strong Nation of Citizens in dignity caliber & character…..!
Day is now to review how our leaders in power have (mis)managed this far the country
And hold them responsible for the cowardice, corruption, sins, greed they manifested in polity
Yet we must combine to throw such leaders out constitutionally to save degradation of country ….!
Day is now to appreciate how since’14, PM/his NDA team have managed this country better
And helped eradicating the cowardice, corruption, sins, greed that manifested in polity earlier
Yet now they need full support of honest nationalist citizens to make the country far superior ..!


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