Life yes it has changed and is going to change too as the time passes by,
Many people I knew just left but m glad to have the ones who stood by,
Like every other phase this one will end too,
But I guess till then I’ll be left with only few,
My belief on friendship is still firm and strong,
Due to the ones who love me even if m wrong,
Life is just like a beautiful song with notes high and low,
So m going to stand strong no matter how strongly life blow,
Among others m a human being too with the emotions so high,
I too enjoy being happy and I too feel the sigh,
I hate it when life takes my exams but still I manage to pass,
Love is something which I have plenty in my life,
But don’t know how hatred turns out to be its wife,
My life is none of your concern so I don’t need your view,
People turned out to be unknown whom I think I knew,
Sometimes I just simply cry,
And sometimes I cant even if I try,
Life yes it has changed and m waiting to see some more,
Some changes will change me and the rest I’ll just ignore…

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