Mama Earth

The human race was raised to be strong.
Oh, Mama Earth, tell me, when did we first do you wrong?
Was it one by land, two by sea?
Or when Ol’ Chris rode Baby Blue, ready to dream
Got a pocket of hope that I’ll never release.
Still waiting for that morning that you promised peace.

Searching high and low, day and night
For the sun to glow,
And shine on bright
With freedom, fill the blinding night
And reveal there’s no need
For anger and Greed
No need for destruction, and inequality
Mama Earth, still waiting
for the day that you promised peace.

Caught up in rumor of different realities
Caused us to become blind to family
Unfit to call ourselves a humanity,
Mama Earth, We are waiting
For the day that we’re to be released.

As the battlefield grows, and the war rages on
Still tryna figure out what went wrong
Brothers and sisters, please stay strong
Because Mama, I’m waiting
for the day that you promised peace.

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