Mother Nature

Morning bliss is a delicacy,
It fills the mountains with immense pleasure
Sun looks at the earth,
And showering the joy which becomes panacea
Never ending love from mother nature
Kills my anxiety with a quintessence heart,
Up above the sky in a mellifluous look,
Guarding the moon with little crystals
Shining through the darkness with plethora of colors and,
Capturing the innocent heart to mark it’s ethereal beauty…

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  1. This short yet beautiful poem is a great effort at summarising the immense beauty of nature surrounding us all. Mother nature which provides for every living and non living being has all of us living under its shade.
    Although the mountains, the sky, the moon and many stars are always present, their presence is often taken for granted. Many people do not know how to cherish and embrace this gift to whom, this poem is a reminder to look around and live in its kindness.
    When you look around and find yourself always within the love of mother nature, you also will start to fall for it just like the poet whose heart is captured by the ethereal beauty of nature.

  2. The above poem “Mother Nature” reflects the beauty and wonders of dawn. The speaker narrates dawn break as a magical remedy for all difficulties. Throughout the phrases, the speaker uses poetic devices to convey her appreciation for nature. Nature has an enchanting effect on the poet, thereby the poetess refers to nature as “Mother Nature”.
    The poem starts with the speaker expressing her gratification as “Morning bliss is a delicacy,”. Throughout this aura of tranquility, the speaker utilizes rhetorical devices to emphasize the profound impact that nature creates. The line is “Sun looks at the earth” an example of personification to fabricate a vivid image of the sun’s warmth. Moreover, it highlights the world being made happier by its brightness.
    The expression “Never-ending love from mother nature” alludes to a strong and enduring bond between nature and human beings. Further, it is implied that nature causes an ardent impact on our emotions.
    Sky being portrayed as “mellifluous” rejuvenates a sense of harmony. The descriptions of the “moon being guarded by little crystals” and “shining through the darkness with a plethora of colors” conjure up a mystical and alluring environment. This draws imagery of nature’s ability to captivate and inspire.
    In conclusion, the poem “Mother Nature” serves as a song of reminder, indicating the beauty and power of nature on human beings. Throughout the poem, the readers are impelled to reminisce about the serene and enchanting environment. The poem brings out various emotions within the readers and transports them to the alluring nature.

  3. A beautiful,enthralling description of Mother Nature is captured in this poem.A reader enjoys the pure bliss sparkling in the images of nature’s love.The nature is addressed as a loving mother that has the power to heal all the scars through ‘morning bliss’ and wipe away all the darkness ,pain by the scenes of “ethereal beauty”.The poet tries to provide the readers with a scenic description of bountiful nature and an everlasting hope to the mankind that like nature ,we should also try to manifest life in its fullness.The last lines of the poem are diffused with a warmth that sheer beauty of nature’s love has an amazing magic !The night imagery of sky, moon “with little crystals “ is splendid ,pointing towards the freshness and amazing beauty in everyday things that one needs to enjoy.

  4. I’m a nature lover too. The tranquility in this piece is deep felt with warmth and beauty of the nature. “Shining through the darkness”, this line is everything!

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