I could not see you when I opened my eyes,

As the immense pain made you without senses lie,

But my baby cries

Made you conscious and arise

Out of the hospital bed and stand,

To take me in your weak hands.

You took me out of the crib,

Assisted by your own sib,

As you lightly cradled me,

In your eyes I could see,

A mother’s love for her child,

As your glistening eyes smiled

Down at me and held my tiny finger,

As your eyes did linger

On my face and tiny frame,

You whispered in my ears my name.

I looked at you, trying badly to focus myself,

On you,as you looked at your very own,a piece of yourself,

My fingers curled around yours,

Creating a bond,to go on for years,

As I smiled and settled in your lap,

To slip into a comfortable nap, 

You stayed awake,my mother,my creator

Me who you brought into this world,your daughter.

I can never do anything to measure 

Up to what you did for me, any time ever,

You taught me to walk,

Helped me learn to talk,

You taught me not to cry when I fell,

To get up and walk through, you did impel.

You showed me how to walk the right path,

To walk the talk and never fear the aftermath.

You taught me to be truthful and righteous,

How to be humble and win people over with politeness,

You taught me the arts and the crafts,

The maps, maths,making the drafts,

You made me strong to fight situations adverse,

To face everything with a smile on my face.

All virtues in me are bestowed by you,

I wish I could get them all,but managed a few,

You moulded me into a brave fighter,

The experiences you shared,made me wiser,

You loved me and brought me up with extra care,

Teaching me to love,like,support and share;

I am courageous,adventurous and I dare

Because you taught me not to fear

The wrongs and to give them a fight,

Not the one to be cowed down by fright,

I practice all you taught with great delight

And like you,love to change sad faces into smiles bright.

You showed me the way to people’s hearts,

Always helped me design my destiny’s chart,

To march ahead in life and succeed,

Never succumbing to any greed,

Whatever I am today is because of you,

Every inspiration from you I drew;

Today I am a mother too,

Now I understand what all you went through,

In bringing us siblings up so well,

I really cannot draw any parallels, 

In me you see your reflection,

But I can never match your perfection.

To just say that ,”I love you”,will not suffice 

For all your love, care,advice,support and sacrifice. 

Today I just want to embrace and hug you tight

And make your wrinkled face light

Up with all all smiles and laughter,

All I ask for now as your daughter,

Is that, if there is another life hereafter 

I will always want to have you as My Mother. 

– Madhumita 

Dedicated to my Maa, My Mother

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  1. I have read so many articles , blogs and poems on mother and this one is just so raw and touching. You just poured your heart and soul in it and undoubtedly this is one of the most beautiful piece I have read so far. Thank you for making my day . Everytime we read such good things we respect and appreciate our mothers a lil more and trust me they don’t even want that . They are just so pure and so giving for us , For their kids. An amazing piece it is.


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