My Shattered Dreams ‘Poetry on Picture’ Contest

I heard you saying “Promises are meant to be broken”,
I heard you saying “You were tired to Hold on”,
I heard you saying “I was not good enough”,
I heard you saying “You found your dream”,
I heard you saying “I shall have to go” ;

All i know that Love lasts forever,
Love makes you laugh,love makes you cry;
All i know you are not easy to forget,
All i know i would walk along the road with you,
Unaware that i shall have to walk back alone;
All i know it happens only once,
All i know you shall regret,

But all i wish is your dreams shall flourish,
All i wish is your life shall be abolsute bliss,
All i wish for you is just a beautiful MISS,
To let you feel what i miss,
To let you feel i cannot be HIS!
All i wish is another life,
For a moment if i could be your WIFE!

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