Oh My Angel

oh my angel where are you;
come hug me let me with you;
the feel is more;
but words are few;

you know what i need;
you know why i cry;
no one loves me;
everyone say goodbye;

why you not coming, as you all know these;
am i not a lovable one just tell me please;

as leafs are falling from the tree;
same as i am sitting on my knees;

you are a soul which divine in my heart;
you have the signs which clean my dirt;

if you cant wipe my tear;
if you cant at my sight;
let me in the darkness;
where nothing is bright;

if you are nothing, as more as lie;
then dont stop me and let me die;

can you come to me, for a while;
so please do faster, cover distance of miles;

oh my angel where are you;
come hug me let me with you;

you know i am single;
you know i am alone;
but what about the world who calls me clown;

as i think you hide in a cloud;
i will call your name as louder as loud;

you fall as rain whenever i cry;
you give me success when i try again try;

you are my friend;
you are my mother;
i wanna a child for you like no one other.......:-'(

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