Our Love

Our Love:-

When I saw him for the first time
I was literally flabbergasted,
He was so shy
that he can’t even touched
my hands that time.

I looked at him
And hold his hands,
we both Bewitched by our love
towards each other
Then we let our lips touched
Together And melt our heart
To feel our soul.

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  1. This is a very sweet poem that conveys the message quite clearly to the readers. However, there are a few grammatical errors in the poem which can be corrected while maintaining the rhyme scheme and the emotion of the poem. And also just a suggestion, try to keep your sentences with minimal words and express more, otherwise the poem can become too heavy for some readers.
    Otherwise an adorable poem.

  2. This poem tell us about the deep connection between them the bond which they want with each other. As through that they shows how they love each other and what they feel about each other with this bond. The bond which they want to continue for the last with the same feeling of love and effection with each other. The way of their love is quite different just like everyone as all have there different ways.

  3. Ah! What a romantic poem! It is a very simple poem but with a very deep meaning. A strong bond that the protagonist is yet to share with her partner. The plethora of feelings bottled inside them are yet to be cherished. I would encourage you to write more as it would make your vocabulary more advanced. There are a few grammatically incorrect sentences but besides that it is a wonderful poem.

  4. The poem is well written,which simply convinced the emotional aspect of the poet life ,and her love life,the poem has a simple way to get connected to the readers which is really appreciable

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