Our Love

The Reason for love:-

When I saw him for the first time
I was literally flabbergasted,
He was so shy
that he can’t even touched
my hands that time.

I looked at him
And hold his hands,
we both Bewitched by our love
towards each other
Then we let our lips touched
Together And melt our heart
To feel our soul.

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  1. this poem tells us about how soft the first kiss and hand touch are in a relationship. It is a physical expression of affection, desire, and emotional connection between two people who share romantic feelings. A first kiss can be a highly anticipated moment that often symbolizes the beginning of a deeper level of intimacy and can evoke a range of emotions such as excitement, nervousness, and joy.

    Hand Touching: Hand touching between lovers involves the physical contact and intertwining of hands. It can be a tender gesture that signifies trust, closeness, and comfort in a romantic relationship.it often serves as a way to show affection and support for one another. Hand touching can also convey a sense of unity and togetherness, symbolizing a bond between two individuals.

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