Own Path

Everyone has his or her own 

Path to traverse,

Known or unknown,

Without any options of a reverse

Back,going back to the start

Again and taking another path,

Beginning with a jumpstart,

Treading into strange swaths.

Mom took my fingers and showed,

Me the world out of the door,

Daddy directed me to the access roads,

Just that,no holding my hands anymore,

Some friends did accompany,

They too had their own paths to tread,

I was always short of company,

Still I walked straight ahead.

Few friends left me early to follow

Their paths,some continued till a little later

All our promises to walk together turned hollow,

Everybody left to touch heights greater,

Finally no friend was a forever friend,

As all walked and traveled alone,

Life continued and was not the road’s end,

I tread along the path as the lights shone.

Lanes and by lanes I crossed,

Passed ridges,pits and ravines,

On way I met my partner,love was not lost,

He had his own dreams to fulfill by all means,

So I was left to chart out my own path

And he carved his own,

There was no bad blood,nor wrath,

No tears flowed,nor any moans.

Was happy when the children arrived,

Took as the companions of my journey,

But tied to me how could they survive,

To take off on their own,they were in a hurry,

They took their own roads 

As I was left behind,

They were ready to write their own episodes,

To my destiny I resigned.

Today I walk on my own, taking slow steps

I try to bridge the gap to my destination,

I have drawn my own stops and checks,

Today I have transformed into a new cation,

I need no one to depend on,

Forwards I move on my endeavour,

Today I can draw out a path of my creation,

I have become my best friend forever.

On my own ,I tread on my path,

Without anyone to hold my hand,

My feet,still step, where they never hath,

Also treading into territories banned,

A confidant me walks ahead,with a head held high,

A heart full of gratitude to those who left me,

Taught me to be courageous and opened my eyes,

Lead me to my path and let me be,where I now may be.


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