Paper Planes

The fragile paper plane
That glides out my window
Aiming at yours
To the other peak of the valley.

Bulked with the words
Maybe couldn’t bear the load
Went rafting through the wind
But it came down soon crashing.

So I jot down less and less
Saving some for later
Destiny got it stuck in oak
The words that now soak.

Yet I folded another one
Gliding through, my eyes turning rosy
You closed shut your window
I lost my paper plane
And gained another sorrow.

The words meant for you
That you won’t ever hear
I re-read them
And end up writing more.

The words could never reach
The start was the very end
As you would never read
How your presence held me bewitched.

I surrendered in defeat as
No more like before, the slight winds,
That once made my hopes ignite,
My fragile paper planes ,
Could never take another flight.

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