Ever since I met you I believed I have only learnt the

Art of using correct syntax (what we call

Grammar but I am a coder so) and words in

Sentences, but I apprehended now that beyond

I gained the skill of moving on with a heavy

Heart, you taught me it is stupid to be

Poignant, monotonous, melancholic and miserable

All the time and made me realise that the only

Full stop (.) in our life should be when we stop

Breathing, otherwise, after a particular phase

Just put a comma (,) and let the flow maintain in

Addition to the testimony of the fact you introduced,

I to this free verse poetry, you made me ask questions

To satisfy my curiosity and imparted me the concept of

Question mark (?); then you juxtaposed

Two independent events of my life replaced the dot

With a semicolon making me flabbergasted and

Thoughtful, that it is really possible to not to use

Full stops anywhere and still are able to write a

Whole poem or prose, I aspire to always remember

The language you taught me and hope that we never

Face a full stop in our friendship too; So, I’m ending this

Poem rather with ellipses……….







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  1. Wow 🙂 Nailed it.. I hope u can write one with all emoticons and symbols, and not using any word nevertheless punctuation.. That will be cool! As life is also about all emotions, no matter how you show them!!


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