Rain and Love

Ahh!! Those ole rainy days,

Incessant water pouring through the whole day,

You and me walking hand in hand,

Towards distant dreamlands,

Through the drizzle and sirimiri, 

Amazed at nature’s glory,

The dark sky overloaded

With clouds heavy and ready to explode,

Clouds like the heavily pregnant woman,

Within her carrying triplets or twins.

Our wet bodies with running streams 

Of water;cold and close together without the sun beams,

Our steps that would stop a minute,hearing the brontide, 

Coming from far away like the roaring tide,

The leaves and flowers all gleaming,

The water droplets on them glistening

Like diamonds set in a piece of jewellery,

The drizzle of rain forming a background drapery,

Filling in breathfulls of petrichor,  

Fresh blood circulating in the veins like never before.

The colour of nature’s pallette,

Was mesmerizing amidst the ballet

Of raindrops,falling on the parched earth,

That would then give birth 

To innumerable plants and blossoms,

On it’s rich fertile,ever giving bosom,

The birds perched amidst the greens of trees,

Shaking off the droplets and they floated on the breeze,

And burst like small bubbles in the air,

As we returned the birds’ stare.

Two vibrant young hearts,

Full of pure joy and mirth,

We jumped into the puddles,

Closer we would snuggle,

I laughed at the water splashes,

And you admired the droplets on my eyelashes,

We cheered as the water rippled,

Laughed as if we were tickled,

Such lovely moments of pure joy,

Happy memories,that time can never destroy.

At times we waited under a shed,

Conscious me,with a bowed head,

Avoiding the naughty glint 

In your eyes,with a naughty hint

That made me blush, 

As the blood would rush,

From a frantically thumping 

Heart,expecting naughtier something,

You,humming some old romantic song,

While all emotions in the hearts did throng.

At times when the showers ceased,

Out of the clouds the golden sun beamed,

On the clouds the rainbow arched,

Along with the breeze the clouds marched,

The rainbow smiled at the world,

With seven colours in it’s lap furled,

Within moments it would disappear,

Behind the looming clouds in the sky there,

Our world too was colorful as the rainbow,

From everywhere winds of happiness did blow.

Hand in hand we would walk,

Happy with our simple talks,

Enjoying every moment of togetherness

And the earthy,watery effervescence,

As we reached our threshold, 

Wet,dripping and cold,

Inside the warm confines,

Of our home,where the warm lights did shine,

As we dried ourselves and sat near the window,

Our love all warm, reaching it’s crescendo.

Looking into each other’s eyes,

We would melt in the heat like ice,

The silvery dreams in between ,

In that environment serene,

Cuddling closer we would sit,

Love throwing in it’s bit,

We watched the dancing water of the serein,

Against the glassy window panes,

Creating a dreamy sequence ,

Firing the flames of love more frequent.

Gone are those days of love,

Hid somewhere in an alcove,

The rains now are less and scarce,

With droplets few and sparse,

The streams of water pouring down the heavens

Are badly missed in their absence,

The Earth in a coppery hue,

Cracking,thirsty, parched,aching to renew

With a touch of the refreshing waters,

Still braving the unfriendly weather.

For the clouds embarks the skylark,

I too wait for that long lost spark

Of love, between us ,

Without any sound or fuss,

I wait in patience,

Like the Earth waits for the torrents,

The rainy days will surely come back,

Nor will my life now lack

The love and dreamy days,

I wait for the happier ways;my eyes into the future gaze.


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