Seasons of life

Seasons of Life

Sitting in my balcony, I felt the agony

Of changing seasons, without any reasons

Alike the different and difficult phases of life

Creating a situation full of strife


Spring brings a season of happiness

That dwells on the idea of childhood madness

All the flowers come back on the tree

Making your surroundings full of spree


Then arises a scorching sun called summer

This never lets a child slumber

Adolescent is the age of rebellion

That teaches to change colour like a chameleon


Now is the turn of magical monsoon

This extracts you out of your ideal cocoon

Adult is the age of all the wisdom and pain

That drenches your system in the rain


Pre winter is the season of confusion

If it’s summer or winter, is permanent state of delusion

Unable to decide whether you are young or old

All your childishness and intelligence gets paroled


Here comes the season of chilling winter

Giving you a thrill of death and quiver

The opinionated old age is actually overrated

Attention and fear gets conjugated


Autumn sheds all reasons of your existence

Crossing all the limits of your developed resistance

It releases your life from the entire wrath

And let you sleep peacefully in death.




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