I caste my all heart’s wishes into the river
Since someone used to be a very clever
Some people told me at that time
Why do you drink vodka or wine?
I replied to all people in a manner of peacefully
Don’t do love, if do then please carefully
They told me love is responsible for your condition
I replied to all no, someone is responsible for my condition
I explained everything to them one by one
How someone treat me
How someone teased me
How someone changed my life
As like or similar to make me broken mirror
Then they understood the condition of my life
They told me don’t worry about that
Since it war your very bad past
But I was not able to stop my thinking
My face always used to get tear’s wringing
Then I asked how I can change my self now
They told me please stop thinking about that
I replied now it is not possible for me
Since someone become part of my life for me

Dev Kumar

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