‘When I couldn’t see you,

my world goes blue

a silent sound is all I hear

within that dusk, that’s true.


I wonder sometime,

if I could ever complete you,

As somewhere deep within me,

your picture lying undrew.


You promised to be mine

till that last breath,

Still, you faded away in this way

for me, its like adopting a living death.


My eyes looked for you

within those haunting spaces,

At last I found none,

except those dreadful faces.


I remember those words

which were your last,

Want to relive our memoirs again

before the same stands past.


Within that abnormal silence,

I am tracing your laughing echo

Although my winds of patience gone dry,

still sometimes, somehow they dares to blow.


Now my soul is burning

and emotion stands undress

falling short of words amidst,

thus turning numb and speechless…

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