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बाहत देर कर दी मैने आने में

बाहत देर कर दी मैने आने में जरा भी वक्त न लगाया तुमने जाने में खुशनसीबी है कि वो आये तो सही प्यार जताया तो सही अनजाने में »

बहुत दिनों बाद

बहुत दिनों बाद सावन के द्वार आया पहले की तरह इसको अपना ही पाया सभी कवि लोगों को नमस्कार है सावन की आयी जो बहार है »

वो जो हमसे नाराज बैठे है (Poetry on Picture Contest)

वो जो हमसे नाराज बैठे है (Poetry on Picture Contest)

वो जो हमसे नाराज बैठे है नजरों को हमसे हरबार फ़ैर लेते है लौट आती है सदाएं हमारी हर दफ़ा क्यों जानकर हमारी जान लेते है »

अब तो भूलने की कोशिशों की भी यादें बन गयी है

कई दफ़ा की कोशिश भूल जाने की उन्हे अब तो भूलने की कोशिशों की भी यादें बन गयी है| »

I died

Silence is great metaphor for death No word, no whisper, No beats, no air. All is same. Loneliness is great  metaphor for silence. I’m alone. I died. »

इक लौ थी

इक लौ थी जो जलती रहती थी करती थी रोशन अंधेरों को इक आफ़ताब आया कहीं से औ निगल गया उसे छोड गया अंधेरे में दुनिया को »


‘When I couldn’t see you, my world goes blue a silent sound is all I hear within that dusk, that’s true.   I wonder sometime, if I could ever complete you, As somewhere deep within me, your picture lying undrew.   You promised to be mine till that last breath, Still, you faded away in this way for me, its like adopting a living death.   My eyes looked for you withi... »

A Rainy Day!

A Rainy Day!

Drops of rain, And lot of pain. A silent scream aloud And a thundering cloud. Unforgettable rainy day When I lost everything in way. »

Life Within A Life!

Life Within A Life!

Neither a myth nor a lie, A human within a human is where, The God’s magical impression implyHow does it start, where does it endLet there those organs accumulate, Within thy mother’s body, together it forms n mendHeart comes first, like a dot beating highThat’s how the life begun, Into a life, apparently comply.Within it sprout, within it grewthe life evolved beautifully, By the... »



People talk of god, it may seems trueBut I haven’t seen him, even within that nature’s hueWhen I woke up in this world, which was full of blueI saw my own god there…oh ‘Mother’ it’s you.You passed sleepless nights, to ensure my silent sleepYou took colossal pains for me, and does not ever weep.You teach me how to walk, in this world full of snagAnd turned a human out ... »

Where Am I Going…

‘On an undefined pathisolated thoughts are growing, I often ask this question to myselfthat…Where am i going? I do own a bunch of relations, so do I have friends, still my heart seeks for thosewho dissolve together like true blends.this odd journey of mineseems so long, I don’t know how my destiny takes me, where I belong.the childhood dreams had goneI don’t know where, yet... »


In search of an existence, that’d almost sublimed, the true meaning of my innerself is still to be defined.don’t you be prejudice about me, atleast for this mankindalthough I am colour, but for humanity’s sake its better to be a colourblind.neither restrict me within those borders nor into your minds, just as yours, even my birth is possible, together when my blend got binds.neit... »

A Boring Meeting!

I am sitting with an empty mindit seems here, nobody is enough kind.Although they may have some informative rockets, but I still prefer to sit amidkeeping my both hands in pocket.Like me, all are trying to catchthose endless speeches, Suddenly I realized, we allcertainly belongs to a same species.Nobody is interested for sure, Thus somehow trying to resistIn order to absorb and digest, the insolub... »

Lost Within…

  A bit separate, but close we are Stayed away, still not so far Laugh alone, even cried hard Being desperate, we stood apart Some thought we’ve fallen, Into a love of first sight We told, we raised either, Once when our heart, knocked from right A dream to spare, A gesture to share Together with you, I can relive My stubborn moments of despair Thus the moment is caught when we, Met lastly on... »

A Dusky Girl…

On her lips, she always carries A joyful gesture, a curvy thing She speaks less, listen more And veil, a lot more things within A dusky girl with her eyes awake, Looks more real and less fake, Sometime lost, well it is true Looks as if, she won’t have a clue Girls flaunts their beauty, She flaunts her innocence Girls seeks for sense of humor She presents her humorous sense. A nice human bein... »