The Deep Book

When it all started,
It was just Hi and successive byes..
It then rolled beyond to,
Mystic smiles and impressive replies

Clashes of humor, spirit of fights,
They weren’t just free bird’s style..
That’s what we both aimed and pride,
Coz it all started with Independence Rhyme..

With all characters till now and no voice,
It seemed to be bit fragile..
And then there was an occurrence
Greyed shadows dropped away with big smile..

The noise promised to last with life,
It was love and care,
Which answered the depression,
And inspired the creative minds..

We became so volatile,
So unpredictable and hostile..
Yet there were no boundaries defined,
And that’s how the Chemistry was all fine..

There was crisp in Emotions,
There was love in fight..
There was care in disguise..
And there was no future defined..

And that’s how we became,
The savior of each other’s lackluster time..
The only ones to convince their depressing frame of mind..
From big grin to smirk and smile
And yet we stayed away..
Hoping to stay together forever in this wild

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