The anxiety and depression,
Are all repurcussions,
Of a part not so well played,
Of decisions delayed,
Of trusts misplaced,
Of not being able to well communicate.

Failing to communicate with yourself,
Or addressing your innerself,
Not taking into confidence your near ones,
Hiding facts from your dear ones,
Not living up to your commitments,
Making yourself inaccessible and distant.

You shut yourself up in your shell,
Refusing anyways to tell,
Anything of what you thought and planned,
Keeping your thoughts crammed
Inside you, without an outlet,
Making you imagine all things farfetched.

You kept on giving your consents,
Even to plans and projects suspect,
Even when in doubts you went ahead
And all your wrong decisions you upheld,
Went against the ones, you so trusted,
See now,in the process you yourself are rejected.

Rejected and dejected,
Unable to comprehend,
Your wrongs and mistakes,
You stagger and traipse,
The rejections leave you with a heartache,
Which you cannot easily efface.

You cannot possibly please everyone ,
When out there,you cannot say ‘Yes’ to each one,
Trying to say ‘No’ is a bit difficult,
But saves you from unwanted predicaments,
You have to stop being egotistical,
Put a full stop to being inexplicable.

Rejections and dejection,
Lead you to immense depression,
Cut off from all forms of expression,
You suffer from suffocation,
Leading to more pitiful situations,
Waiting for all ills in desperation.

Giving rise to immense frustration,
A palpitating impatience,
Holed up inside,without any conversation,
With no motivation or inspiration,
You take your first step in all complication
Towards your own devastation.

Pained are your dear ones to see you thus,
At times to see you down the ruts,
When you attempt the nervous cuts,
They cry as it deeply hurts,
To see their own suffer so much,
Helplessly they watch as they cannot do too much.

So open up, and help yourself,
Adopt ‘ourself’, not ‘myself’,
Trust only those who trust you,
Who are worth of your trust and you,
Do not give in to pressure tactics,
Make, listening to people a holy practice.

Communicate more with one and all,
Make yourself easy and accessible,
Learn to say No, it lessens worries,
In the process,happiness it carries;
Dump all the lies behind,
Don’t trust everyone like a blind.

Build up people’s trust in you,
Make yourself their confidante too,
Come out of your selfish shell,
Start smiling some more as well,
Shorten the distances between hearts,
Draw out new relation charts.

First of all break the solid wall around,
Make the inner voices calm down,
Do not feel left out and let down,
Get up and going in the rebound,
Fighting all things adverse,
Making all fears disperse.

Fight away all the blues,
Nursing carefully your hearts bruise,
Fight the dark shadows away,
Keeping them always at a bay,
Depression is a disease that can be fought,
No power it has to make one distraught.

Scare away all depression
Sadness and dejection,
Happiness is one of the weapons,
Courage being another protection,
Come out of it with all attention and affection
Freshen up and stop your digression.

Forget the past and start anew,
To all your frights bid adieu,
Like others,this phase shall pass through,
Do not let anything devalue,
Your courage, inner strength and fortitude,
Begin with a sense of gratitude and immense aptitude,
Your success is now overdue,
Compose yourself and walk towards the new avenues.
No thoughts can depress you,
No actions can suppress you,
Nothing can stop you to access,
What you want to possess ;
Never ever feel distressed,
Neither oppressed,
Act with absoluteness,
Start repossessing everything with smart astuteness.


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  1. This poem caught my attention from the very first line. It has all the simplicity it requires to reveal all the intricacies of the human mind and feelings. All I want to add is that some words could be omitted to make the rhyming and the progression more smooth. You may also add some punctuation marks like a hyphen, a semi-colon, etc. to add a bit of dramatic flair and compel the readers to think about it more and revel in this poem.I hope you create many such poems in the near future that unravel the mysteries of the human mind.

  2. Hello, I really like your poem. I would like to give a review.

    The poem delves into the profound emotions of anxiety, depression, and the consequences of our actions. It effectively captures the internal struggles faced by individuals, highlighting the importance of communication and self-reflection. The poem’s strength lies in its ability to evoke empathy and relatability among readers.

    One of the poem’s notable strengths is its emotional depth. It portrays the feelings of being trapped within oneself and struggling to express thoughts and emotions. This provides a raw and authentic representation of the challenges associated with anxiety and depression.

    Additionally, the exploration of themes such as communication, self-reflection, and personal growth adds depth to the poem. It emphasizes the significance of setting boundaries and the need to maintain open and honest relationships. These themes offer thought-provoking material for readers to reflect upon.

    The consistent use of a rhyming couplet scheme throughout the poem contributes to its musicality and flow. The structured format aids in maintaining a cohesive rhythm, enhancing the overall reading experience. Furthermore, the vivid imagery employed in the poem adds depth and helps readers better understand the poet’s perspective.

    However, there are some areas that could benefit from improvement. The poem remains quite general in its approach, lacking specific personal experiences or concrete examples. Incorporating more specific details or anecdotes would make it more relatable and engaging for a wider audience.

    Furthermore, the poem occasionally shifts in tone, resulting in a slightly disjointed feel. This inconsistency may disrupt the overall flow and cohesiveness of the piece. Streamlining the content and eliminating unnecessary repetition would also enhance the clarity and impact of the poem.

    Lastly, while the poem offers encouragement and advice, it lacks a clear sense of resolution or a conclusive message. Providing a stronger sense of closure or a final call to action would give the poem a more satisfying ending.

    In conclusion, the poem effectively explores emotional themes and conveys relatable experiences associated with anxiety and depression. While it possesses strengths in terms of emotional depth, structure, and vivid imagery, there are areas that could be improved, such as incorporating specificity, maintaining consistent tone, avoiding redundancy, and providing a stronger sense of resolution.

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