The small little golden
Box,full of fragrances
Of days old and memories
Of you and us together.

It still treasures
The red roses,
You had once given me,
Then fresh and fragrant,
Now parched and dried,
A little musty,
Still filling me up
With a fresh rosy smell
And the pink of romance
Of those teenage days.

There hides within,
A pair of earrings ,
Golden and pearly,
Like the early days
Of our relationship,
Still shining in all glory
Of the past days,
Making me still feel your touch,
Your fingers on my ear lobes,
When I wear them today.

The beige pair of gloves
That I took from you,
Are there too,
Believe me they still smell of you,
As if you just took them off,
The warmth of your hands
Still trapped inside,
I feel it as I slide
My hand in them,
Once again feeling you.

A whole bundle of papers,
Which are the letters
You had once written
When you were in love
With me and everything about me,
The words still stand out
In the yellowness of the page,
Suggesting time and age,
But still tingling and tickling
The love sensations in me.

The small little pink bottle
With some of the pink liquid
Still in it,still holding inside
Your love for me,the same
That you had,when you gifted it to me,
I can still smell the same love
As I breathe in the fragrant
Liquid,scared not to spray any,
Lest I lose your love
Forever,with the evaporating spirit.

These are my little treasures,
Small but valuable,
None can quote a price
For them, never ever,
I hold them near
To my heart,closeted and dear,
I can never ever part with
My golden box,full of colorful
Memories,of days we lived together
And loved each other.

It is my elixir
That keeps me going
In this world of untruth
And disillusionment,
Keeping me alive
As the symbols of your love,
Strengthening my belief
In love eternally ever,
The day I lose it,
Will be my end, forever.

The small little golden
Box,full of fragrances
Of days old and memories
Of you and us together.


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