I am glad that amidst us you are back,
We anxiously awaited your comeback,
Tears kept flowing out of our tear sacs,
As we waited for your senses to hit the track.

Oh why? But why
Did you want to say bye,
Bid adieu to your breath and die?
Put an end to life! Oh why did you even try!!

Did not you remember our faces then,
Why did not you mull over and over again
Of the consequences
Of your act , and our faces ashen!

You would have gone, free of all burden,
Freed of any encumberances,
What about your family and acquaintances,
Who would have been left behind mourning your absence!

How did you have the heart to leave your children behind,
A part of you , a part of your own flesh and blood terrified,
With nothing to look forward to, to hold on to and petrified
How? How could you even think of that deadly suicide?

I have already lost a brother who succumbed to helplessness,
Families lose their dear ones to such act of credulence,
Sisters,wives,husbands,sons,daughters lost to such madness,
Why did you want to lose it all, give in to decadence?

The truth is that all my trust in you is gone,
I am glad you are with us, but I am done
With all that is concerning you,ties of love undone,
Actually you have left me outdone.

Would you have dared such an act if you loved us?
Or was it an imaginary world to which you lead us,
All your false promises and words of trust,kill like a curse,
And all thus appear so superfluous.

What if I had attempted a suicide
And in the process died,
Left you all alone and traumatised,
Would you have forgiven me the deicide!

No, even I can never forgive nor forget
Someone who did not live up to my love and trust,
Whose actions to his kin was so unjust,
It now fills me up with remorse and disgust.

Life is too precious
To be lost in such actions,
That are mindless and reckless,
Leaving behind loved ones, anxious and helpless.

There is no problem that is more important than life,
However the troubles may be rife,
Everything can be fought,however bad may be the strife;
But to live there is no afterlife, just this one life.

Fight out the demons of fear,
Of anxiety and scare,
All your loved ones love you dear,
Never leave them helpless and in despair.

Death is not the answer
To steer clear ,
Of all your worries and feelings in secure,
Together we will fight away the shadows of drear.

Just give some time and bear,
Do not make it blear,
Hear ,help is always near,
Just call and we will be there,
To wipe out all your troubles and tears.

Fight it all with courage sheer,
Just smile and reappear in all grandeur,
Because there is just this life to admire,
Enjoy, adore,endear and cheer!

With life now start an affair,
Never will there be a tear
In your eyes,all your troubles will be taken care
Of and will always get your happiness’ share,
Without any sneer;
But a happy smile your face will always wear!!

Help prevent and check suicidal tendencies,
Save Human lives,help avoid self inflicted cruelities.


Live Life, Love Life.

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