These women’s

These women in my life are my guide,
Their strength and courage are a source of pride,
My mother and sisters never give in,
They fight for their dreams, and they always win.

Through tears and pain, they rise,
With pride and dignity in their eyes,
My best friend, too, never gave up,
She fought for her dreams and never stopped.

These women have seen me at my worst,
But never told me to give up or burst,
Their words of encouragement and love,
Have lifted me to the skies above.

Fight for your dreams, they say,
For your life, your right, every day,
To all the women out there, I say,
Thank you for inspiring me in every way.

To my brave mom, sisters, and best friend,
This is a tribute that will never end,
Your strength and courage will always shine,
And inspire me to reach for the divine.

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