Where does truth exist ,inside us or amidst the under wraps?
Is it a state of mind or is it an experience?
Is it in our hearts or within our own sanity?
Is it a consolation or is it a treasure,
Mysterious,deep and dark
Veiling our honesty!

Dwelling within us ,the Albatross tied to our own necks,
It is a stature bold and bantam,
Yet silentious and unheard!
Thickening the vessels of vengeance,anger and pain in our hearts,
Scoffing and scorning at our souls so pure!

Is it the forebearer of Fear?
Or is it the a state of despair and destitution of our own existence?
Is it a commitment to our conscience to yield an ephemeral joy,
Like in a fictionary tale?
A complete Utopian feel!

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