The wind whispered to the trees,
his songs of lament.
The tree, reckoning the gloom asked the wind,
“why such sorrow”
There once was a maiden,
Her charm allured him so,
Her calm made him a serene lad,
Her smile, like lullabies mesmerized him so.
But Alas,
if only he’ve told her the ocean of love,
He had for her,
the waves of feelings,
He had for her,
Before she drew her last fine breath.
On dark moonless nights,
The wind whispered to the trees,
his songs of lament.
The root of the trees caressed her face,
then and there she knew,
She was loved once,
and always will be.

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  1. Unsaid” is a poignant and melancholic poem that explores themes of unexpressed love and loss. The imagery you’ve used throughout the poem effectively conveys the emotions and atmosphere of the piece.

    The opening lines, where the wind whispers its songs of lament to the trees, sets a somber tone right from the beginning. It creates a sense of nature being witness to the sadness and longing that follows.

    The interaction between the tree and the wind is an interesting metaphorical exchange. The tree, representing a curious observer, asks the wind why it carries such sorrow. This sets the stage for the narrative that unfolds in the subsequent stanzas.

    The use of natural elements like the ocean, waves, and dark moonless nights adds a sense of vastness and depth to the emotions being conveyed. It heightens the intensity of the longing and unspoken feelings, as well as the final realization by the maiden that she was loved.

    The concluding lines, where the roots of the trees caress her face and she realizes she was loved once and always will be, evoke a bittersweet and tender moment. It suggests a sense of closure and acceptance, despite the underlying sadness.

    Overall, “Unsaid” is a heartfelt poem that effectively explores themes of love, regret, and the power of unspoken words. The imagery and emotions expressed throughout the poem create a strong impact on the reader, leaving them with a lingering sense of longing and reflection.

    Well done on capturing the essence of unexpressed emotions in this piece!

  2. The “unsaid ” poem is beautiful poem full of visual and natural imagery which sets a melancholic tone .
    It is a type of ode that is dedicated to the beloved of the poet which is narrated to us through the careful kneading of the imagery. The songs of laments could be heard on the occasion of the death of the beloved. The poet then amazingly describes about the attractive power of the beautiful maiden and how he got mesmerized through it .

    We come across a Volta after the first section of the poem that is we feel a dramatic change in the emotions of the poet. We find the poet sighing about the unexpressed and unconfessed love for her beloved. The poet uses a hyperbole in the phrase “ocean of love” and metaphorically compare his love with an ocean to express his deptness of love for her .

    In the last section of the poem we find the poet optimistic about his love for her and beautifully describes the action of roots upon the beloved and says that this movement of action, then and there made her beloved realised about the infinite love he had for her which is a eternal love that will remain forever even after she dies .

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