The Great Mystical Nature

Once in a while I look beside me,
The Great Mystical Nature Behind,
Where the sense of one’s reality and myth of supremely are put aside…

The deep voice of Mother Nature where come abide,
It bays melancholically, “Hello Human, the most intelligent animal,
You are the topmost of your ideas and creativeness,
Yet you are the victim of your senses,
You are becoming the perception of your expresses,

But alas! only a few of you are aligned in me,
but I am present in all.
Please remove yourself from follies and listen to the call,
I am 24X7 working on my Karmic Desktop…
I love my mother Nature for reason nevertheless;
Bearing a strong message from her that “There is no butterfly without a caterpillar in it”.

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  1. This is a really nice poem which tells about reality in a beautiful way at the same time giving a message to the readers to think about not just ourselves by paying only attention to our senses but to consider aur earth too.

  2. Introspective and thought-provoking, “The Great Mystical Nature” brilliantly depicts the core of our relationship with Mother Nature. The poem challenges readers to consider the contrast between how we see the world and how deeply interrelated everything is in the natural world. In contrast to the complexity of human existence, writers’ words serve as a gentle reminder of the wisdom and intelligence found in the simplicity of nature. In order to align ourselves with the wider harmony of the natural world, the poem exhorts us to free ourselves from the constraints of our senses. The poem encourages us to heed Mother Nature’s call and accept our innate connection to her through its heartbreaking message. “The Great Mystical Nature” inspires awe and admiration for the magnificence and wisdom that are all around us, and it serves as a timely reminder of our duty to safeguard and conserve our environment.

  3. Very Good Poetry to Speak Truth in today’s Society. People uses nature’s resources but doesn’t care about its existence due to our activities . We really need some such poetries that will expand the thinking space for all minds

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