Who Am I?

Am i a Daughter?
Mewling and cuddling in your arms with an oblivion mild;Who Am I

Am i a Sister?
Lending you my shoulders through ebb and flows of life and being your bosom buddy for life;

Am i a Friend?
Laughing and painting the town with colours so vibrant to brighten up your life;

Am i a Lover?
Compassionate and Euphoric to make you drown in an ocean of love;

Am i Wife?
Dedicating my life to complete a ‘togetherness’ along with you;

Am i  Mother?
Raising and nurturing the best in you , because my world is in ‘You’;

Am i an In-Law?
A benevolent disciplinarian to let you know the things unlearned;

Am i a Granny?
Concocting stories to inculcate the virtues of life,
Hiding in the lanes and crying on your pain;

Or am i a Leader?
For all my Being,For my Existence;
A Winner standing alone!

Am i a Women or am i a Creature,
Omnipresent to your Existence?

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