A poem, I want to write ….!

 A poem, I want to write ….!


I have been longing…

To write a poem…

A poem, I am unable to write…..!


 I have tried it with all my intellect & might

 But for this art, neither intellect nor might seems right.


Poetry, it is said, is a spontaneous overflow,

Of powerful emotions;

Of the dormant wonderful hidden inhibitions,

That lies buried in our hearts……

And come alive at moments, we never know about….


Our hearts are like great oceans,

Full of immense treasures and creations,

Of everything in abundance,

Pains, pleasures and sensations….


I have it all, in my heart, to the full….

But Oh! My God, why is the creativity in me so dull……


A poem I want to write,

I do not know, what about?

But I am intensely longing….And am sure…

Some day it will spring up, after all…

A day in my life, I will cherish above all….


Please don’t laugh,

For who knows now….

My poem may be an attempt at ‘You’

To tell you, what I have never been able to tell you ….




             ” Vishvnand “

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