Entry #4: Suffering

**This morning my legs have already started to ache,
I hate that I go through this every single day.
Whenever my pain is intolerable, it then becomes too much for me to take,
I just can’t believe it’s incurable, I have no words to even say.

**Plus the more I’ve learned about having Neuropathy, how it destroys and kills off my nerves,
I cannot help but feeling that I despise it all the more.
This is definitely one condition which no one else deserves,
If only there was a cure, so I could once again become how I was before.

**So for those experiencing early symptoms, of this horrible nasty curse,
I strongly encourage you all, to get checked out when you’re possibly able to.
For the longer it’s put off, the more it’s going to get worse,
But of it is caught early enough, you have a chance of reversing it, and not suffer like I’ve been suffering through.

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