Entry #9: My Thoughts

**My thoughts on having Neuropathy, and what it’s like for me,
Not only is it excruciating, it’s difficult pushing through.
Never had I imagined, it would get as painful as it can be,
It happened just over a year ago, literally right out of the blue.

**Plus daily it is a difficult fight,
Like a never-ending curse.
At least I have days when I’m feeling alright,
But the harsh reality is, it’s simply getting worse.

**And that’s not even the worst of it all,
Just a few more tales to tell.
This year I’ve lost some mobility, without my walker I know I’d fall,
Slowly destroying every nerve, I could also be paralyzed as well.

**So those are my thoughts relating, to this condition for me,
I just know it’s evil, and at times, it even makes me unsure.
Will the doctors find the answers to how neuropathy came to be,
And how it could have started, and if there will be a cure.

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