Entry #8: Harsh Reality

**I’ve been feeling this urgent need to write,
Concerning my Neuropathy pain level today.
It’s intolerable and unbearable but easier to deal with at night,
But during the day and at other times, it’s excruciating in every way.
**Though especially through it all, I’ve felt exhausted and alone,
Because those who don’t have this condition, don’t know what it’s like being me.
I’m terrified of losing all feeling, especially by myself at home,
It’s just part of the ultimate outcome, of what my Neuropathy will turn out to be.
**So emotionally after writing, I feel better a little bit more,
It felt like lots of poison, which I genuinely had to release.
Plus at least for the moment, I’m not in tears as much as before,
And I’ve accepted the harsh reality, that this pain may never cease.

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