Now at the cornerstone of the endless abyss,

I try to take a step and reach out in the dark—

Lost with no direction, my heart aches;

“Was it forever that dark?”, I question myself,

Memory becomes fantasy and I hardly remember.


Here in the middle of bewilderment, I sigh,

No mirror to face myself and laugh out;

Once there was a Robert Bruce, I tell myself,

But he had the spider to look up to;

No hand around me to relieve the pain!

I stare into the void of nothingness,

Witnessing what feels like excerpts of life,

Waiting for my heart to take a break and let go…..


What do I do to shatter this black spell?

To bring some light and direction back?

But there is still some hope left in me,

Like an imagined beacon from infinity,

That I feel nearing but cannot yet see….


I try to crawl with bruised fingers,

But there seems to be no floor to feel;

Groping the darkness like it was a wall,

I float down to future day by day.

No count of day, no hunger of food,

No humanness left in me in this struggle!

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  1. a thoughful poem..nice representation of struggle but the last line \’No humanness left in me in this struggle!\’ doesn\’t seems to be appropriate as humanness is not just our own survival but surviving with the other living beings…that is what human beings are,

    I may have not understood your poem plz pour some light on this part…

    1. Sometimes existence, rather co-existence becomes so difficult, that we start feeling lost, with no direction or purpose. Every human is born to serve his/her purpose. When we fail to realise that due to depression or failure, thats when humanness is kind of lost.

      1. Existence is purpose of all animals. When we say \”Being Human\”, we try to say leave animal attributes and behave with kind feelings. Kindness is something that should not be lost. (Views are personal …no offence 🙂

      2. humans have a lot other traits than just kindness.. n the phrase \”should not\” is too ideal in this world. plus this very poem does not go anywhr near to kindness n stuff. Its more personal..


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