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Raat holei sei nostalgia, baar baar bhule thakte chawa, koto raat muchhe fela, koto hashi r khudro prem, sobkichu gholate hy jawa, ar mon ke shantona dewa, khoti ki abar sob harale? khoti nei notun kore pele, sobaike chere akjon keno? sobai thak, akjon harak, jiboner score-card khali, tahole duck-out hotei hoy! tobe parbona to bhulte, chesta korao je boro kothin, tobe je ba jara, amake deyni shara... »


This was written for my mom... »


Now at the cornerstone of the endless abyss, I try to take a step and reach out in the dark— Lost with no direction, my heart aches; “Was it forever that dark?”, I question myself, Memory becomes fantasy and I hardly remember.   Here in the middle of bewilderment, I sigh, No mirror to face myself and laugh out; Once there was a Robert Bruce, I tell myself, But he had the spider to look ... »