Medical Lines

The sentence behind the ICU is

They have already taken the life out of him and are taking him to the ICU to see if they can take it further.

The sentence behind the concept of nurses and sisters is

Every sinister design requires sister participation.

The sentence behind the organ transplant and the operating table is

The lifetime of an organ is equal to the length of the operating table i.e. equal to 15.

Defining a doctor

A doctor is one who sees life in a compartment.

That is to say he compartmentalizes your life.

A doctor’s hobby:

To have a last word or a final sentence in everything, in every matter, on behalf of everyone.

A psychiatrist is one who wants to take the first opportunity to pronounce a patient mentally unstable.

There has been no doctor who has ever pronouced his patient fit.

There has been no psychiatrist who has pronounced his patient anytime as mentally fit and mentally sound.

A doctor’s mind is a diseased mind that sees and talks diseases in obnoxious words and terminology

That is best described as medical terms.

With the names of the diseases obnoxious too.

An impossible for a doctor:

To put up a board outside his dispensary, hospital or place of practice,

You come to me once, you won’t come back to me again (does not mean that the patient is dead)

Most popular abusive term is to call someone mentally unstable.

The course of treatment prescribed by a doctor is known as an Obstacle Course of treatment.

A doctor to this day remains an untouchable of the professional system.

The doctor is unfit to give food to anyone.

If you eat food given to you by a doctor

You will have to take treatment from him or his like.

Never take a morsel offered even free from a doctor.

An example:

An ENT will talk in a manner that you always have itching inside your ears.

2nd example:

Normal pest control on street is usually sufficient

If there is a pathology lab around, mosquitos might just enter your house.

Ultimately a doctor belongs to

An untouchable community

A diseased community

A doctor can touch you

You cannot touch a doctor untill you get the better of him.



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