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Medical Lines

The sentence behind the ICU is They have already taken the life out of him and are taking him to the ICU to see if they can take it further. The sentence behind the concept of nurses and sisters is Every sinister design requires sister participation. The sentence behind the organ transplant and the operating table is The lifetime of an organ is equal to the length of the operating table i.e. equal... »

The English Economy

Two Indian Gentlemen Define, promote and drive the English economy Their names are Nadeem Khan And recently Lalit Modi Ever since Nadeem Khan Famous for the Nadeem Shravan blend of music Left the country Our country has been falling short on the musical movies India’s loss has been Britain’s gain Nadeem can be forgiven for a crime he committed In killing a really nice man Gulshan Kumar... »

What America fears most!

There are 15 or 16 major servers That provide internet services to the world These servers are known as root nameservers And are spread across North America and Europe The root nameservers in North America are in USA and Canada Mexico has no knowledge about it And so the USA wants to build a great wall to block Mexico In Europe, there may be many places where the root nameservers are located These... »

Porn Magic

The Original Operating System (oos) Were the ones that worked in the command line And from the command line. Today’s oos or Obscure Operating Systems Work behind the scenes Behind the foreground We know not what feelings they bring How tempting they may be making people The addiction to porn The desire to see porn Might just be synonymous with Microsoft Windows Or some American Oos And may f... »


Game of titles Game of words Game of sentences Game of chance Game of choice Game of compulsion Game of smartness Game of dicy Game of dirty Game for fight Game to finish Game for more Game everyday Game on Let the Games….. »


Lord Krishna’s divine words From the Bhagvad Geeta Lord Krishna’s divine play Called the Ras-leela Has leaked out to NASA As Ras Called Rocket Science Atomic Science Subatomic particles Science And leela nothing but Mercury Rising When Madam Curie Was there on the scene The only sentence That the alien nation The USA has learnt From Bhagvad Gita Despite the ISKCON Is that there is a se... »

The best poem

The varied poems today Vary in subjects From love to friendship And all varied emotions Language simple to complex And any number of stanzas and verses You choose your yardstick For the best poem A poem that is simple Or has a language tough Using tough and difficult words Or a poem that conveys A new idea And betters understanding Or a poem that is filled with love and romance Or one that is a st... »

The Best Movie Review

The best movie reviews Have never been keyed Nor typed, nor penned. That review Which describes nearly The entire movie With some notable dialogues With some catchy tunes And melidious songs And the complete plot As well as some learning   And possibly the sentences Behind everything Behind every acting principle And that does not insist on watching the movie Gives an exciting feeling For peo... »


Lifelong learning Lifelong earning Lifelong hard work Lifelong labour   Constant pains Constant aches Constant struggle Constant battle Constant threats   Constant search For truth That never ends Whether wisdom Is gained Or wisdom withers Is the final wisdom That may be declared.   »

Random Poem?

No poem is a random poem Every poem is special Improper it is To use this word often Random be limited in use   Comments and views And ratings not true Messures to measure A poem More the comments, Better the poem? Or more is flattery And false praise? Or a lot imperfect Is the poem That it needs a lot of comments To be known that it is good. So comments on poems not a true yardstick To judge... »

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