To Love in Chains

May 19, 2017 in हिन्दी-उर्दू कविता

To love in chains is not to love at all,
To love in shame is to render the heart lame.
For what is love but a heart set free,
Mad with curiosity,
LIke a bird once in captivity,
Now flying high singing with glee.

To love in chains is to rot from within,
A heart growing weary and thin,
Dying of starvation, grim.
The heart thrives on freedom and honesty,
Honestly being truthful to oneself expressing openly,
Carefully caressing, tenderly
Rapping ourselves within another passionately.

Who are we to lie to the ‘I’ that belie,
Seen only with our minds eye,
So caste aside these chains and shackles,
Be open and feel the love so strong it tackles,
Our soul so viciously it negates our fear,
Opens our minds to the epiphany that none are permanently here.

Symphonies In Cacophonies

May 9, 2017 in हिन्दी-उर्दू कविता

There are symphonies in the cacophony,
Harmonies in the chaos.
Beauty where the ugly things lie
Treasure within the dross.

Sit with me O forgotten ones,
Reconnect once again.
Absorb and Basque in my beauty,
O you the world of Men.


I miss you but you’re still here

May 8, 2017 in हिन्दी-उर्दू कविता

After all this time the small things matter,
It did not fall nor did it shatter.

I wish to be as dedicated as you,
You loved so actively, proof
Of the truth that we know in our hearts.

Every morning of every day
You sought after the needs of the one you saved.

You brought us up spoiled us rotten
Please don’t fear it’ll never be forgotten.
For how could someone who was loved so unconditionally,
Forget what you’ve shown, done and grown in me.

You looked at me today tears in your eye
Out of your mouth you uttered the words goodbye,
I could see the fear as you peered through the tears,

Maybe they resonated with my own ideas
My own fear that leers
In my soul, you’ve grown old.

But when you’ve gone
I’ll remember how your life shone.
And it will echo in me as I live and breathe,
I’ll see the things that you seen and the things that remained a mystery.

As I sit and I write words that might,
Never be seen by the light
Of day, I’m torn inside like a mental fight.

Everyday you struggle and fall
Get back up battered and bruised like you been in a brawl.
Sometimes I think…
Is this right?

Right that you must fight with all of your might to keep the flame alight.
Is it wrong to ask if it’s better for you to move on
Where there’s no pain no struggle to regain
Your footing or grip, you can’t crack your hip
I dream of a world after this life
Where one day you’ll be joined by your wife.

Then you can travel wherever, forever you’ll be together.
And I’ll, no… we’ll join you some day

And we’ll both be young, telling stories that are dumb.
But we’ll laugh and look back with a smile,
With the heart of a child

So I carried you today, put you in the car and waved
As I drove away
To a different destination,
A different place.

I don’t want you to thank me, I don’t want you to cry,
Nor want you to die
Lest it lessen the pain inside
How could I?
Who offer so little accept thanks from you who offered​ so much
I cry from my guts.

I don’t know what this poem will do
But it’s oozing out
Like a spout
Of doom and gloom
Tears filling the room
When you’ve gone
But for now you live on
Even after you’ve shone

Your last light fades
We’ll find ways
To remember you and praise the ways
You raised

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