To Love in Chains

To love in chains is not to love at all,
To love in shame is to render the heart lame.
For what is love but a heart set free,
Mad with curiosity,
LIke a bird once in captivity,
Now flying high singing with glee.

To love in chains is to rot from within,
A heart growing weary and thin,
Dying of starvation, grim.
The heart thrives on freedom and honesty,
Honestly being truthful to oneself expressing openly,
Carefully caressing, tenderly
Rapping ourselves within another passionately.

Who are we to lie to the ‘I’ that belie,
Seen only with our minds eye,
So caste aside these chains and shackles,
Be open and feel the love so strong it tackles,
Our soul so viciously it negates our fear,
Opens our minds to the epiphany that none are permanently here.

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