The moon peeping in around,
From behind the silken clouds,
Looking about with open eyes,
As the night slowly tip toes,
The velvety darkness,slips ,
Bit by bit and dreams start their trip
Into my colourful, romantic world,
As rainbows whirled,
I furled and curled
In the soft touches,of my dreamworld.

I try to capture the silky grace
Of the night in an embrace,
It slithered and moved ahead,
Fast like the lightening it fled,
To touch the sky,so full of glittering stars;
And I try hard to douse the fires,
Of pinings and yearnings,
Of immense longings,
Stuck in a rigmarole of emotions,
In my world of rosy,romantic notions.

I rub my sleepy eyes,
Somehow they try,
To differentiate between real life
And my dreams,so full of life ,
In front of me stood reality,
Laughing at me in delight and glee,
Trying to tell me,that beyond my dreams,
Lay clearer skies and heights extreme,
My dreams, my longings ,my desires,
Belong to this world and are very much here.

My senses wake me up,
As my body shivers and shakes up,
I sit up,gather myself and realise,
When my thoughts catechise,
The truth of my dreams here,
That I can pursue and dare;
And the futility of my imaginary world,
The tempting,silky,lustrous dreamworld,
My dreams,my ambitions, here they are,
This world is my destination,the best by far.


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