Oh ! Women

She has every gesture, in her style,
Her smile fills the house with energy and light.
This positive energy brings prosperity and life,
It fills every heart with love and delight.

Her touch gives warmth to every soul,
It heals all the sorrow and fear that one holds.
It gives peace,
And calms all the miseries untold.

Her look goes deep within you,
To understand your mind and soul.
No words can explain her thoughts,
No words can express what she beholds.

Oh ! Women you are just so special,
You are an image so pure and pious.
With your existence only,
Things get easy, without any bias.

Gurmeet Malhotra

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  1. बहुत सही…
    नारी की सकारात्मक ऊर्जा ही समृद्धि और
    खुशहाली लाती है

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