Salutations To The Martyrs


Salutations to the Martyrs, Salutations to the Heroes of our Nation,
To the soldiers,To the custodiansof our Nation,
Salutations to the spirits unbowed,
To the souls undimmed;
Salutations to the commandos fighting in the silent,deathly cold and dark nights,

Salutations to their Mothers,
Gallantly watching the caskets unfold!
Salutations to their Wives,
Who just cared for the Nation’s Life!
Salutations to their Child,
Who lies unreconciled with a pain intensified,
Salutations to their kith and to their kin,
For letting them Win;

Silence will not be enough to comfort those that remain,
Let their sacrifices not go in vain!
Hear the Nation weep for her children in pain!
Let the souls of the Heroes reign,forever until their sacrifices pertain!

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