The vast expanse of green
High trees weaving a lovely screen
And the solitary bench
Like me alone, on this ground entrenched,
Every morning we both sit together,
Share our stories as birds chatter,
Her old nuts squeak,
My old bones creak,
I sit for hours with her,
Taking in the beauty around her,
Breathing the fresh air,
At times saying my morning prayers,
My rosary in hand,
Trying to reach out to The Lord in another Land.

The green around soothes,
The smiling flowers move,
The few good morning wishes from walkers,
A few bonny children cheer,
Preparing us for our day burdensome,
To spend the lonely hours, cumbersome,
Fills my old blood with new oxygen,
Although I am now, not even like the acrogen,
Still I get a new life
To continue with my lonely life,
Along with this bench solitary,
To sit with her is now customary
To keep me happy till the end
Is now on her, my dearest solitary friend!

She gets closer to me,
Her pain I can clearly see,
She too does empathise,
We both with each other sympathise
And give each other company,
Missing nobody,
She does not even mind my quirkyness,
I do not bother her jerkiness,
I am an old hag,
She can crumble and go anyday in a gunny bag,
Still I love her,
Inseparable now we are,
The day I do not visit her anymore,
Dear World! Please know that ‘I exist nomore.’


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