Two beautiful souls together,
Lost in themselves altogether,
In each other’s eyes
Their entire world lies,
Her flowing hair
Shades him from all harm and despair,
Her loving arms around him,
Filling his life with her love to the brim.

Their looks meet,
Their smiles sweet,
Lips trembling with passion,
Hearts full of red velvety emotions,
The small love talks,
Quietly the hour walks
Disturbing them not,
As the fastened breaths turned hot.

Kissing and cuddling,
Smiling and melting
Into each other
Without a bother
Of the world around,
Love multiplies in leaps and bounds
Being a part of the entire Universe,
Mingling with the whole cosmos.

Wanting to be in each other’s embrace,
All bad memories they efface
Of people, against the beautiful love of theirs,
To be forever
In each other’s loving care,
Resting on the wooden chair,
They created their own world
Of love, with bundles of love that destiny at then hurls.


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