The “getting free” lure …..!.

The “getting free” lure …..!.

A young family,
Mr. John, his wife, two kids,
Doing well for themselves,
Staying in a small bungalow,
Found one morning,
Their new car missing,
Stolen from garage
where it was parking.

Very upset, disheartened
they investigated, searched,
looked everywhere
But the car was no where.

“Immediately complain to the police”,
was neighbors advice, sound
& they helped them lodge an FIR,
with all details of the right kind.

John & family were now praying,
For the Police for quickly finding
The Car, which like a family member,
they were greatly missing,
Wife & kids helpless & crying….

While the police, were as usual,
still busy (or lazy) investigating,
& calling them often for interrogating
To the surprise of them all,
On the 3rd day Morning,
They found, their car, back
Parked in the same place,
From where it went missing,
And more so without any damage,
which was amazing & heartening.

And to a greater surprise,
There was a prominent note,
Left in the car, in bold, reading:-

“We working on a secret National mission,
utilized your car in a holy operation
Sorry for the inconvenience,
Hope you pardon us in the situation,
But as our obligation,
Here are 4 free movie tickets,
It will be to our great satisfaction,
If you & your whole family enjoy,
As from us, this humble reparation”
Note was signed by Head of the mission

Mr. John & family
felt moved by this gesture from the mission
Delighted that their car did work in a noble operation
Were also more happy,
As the free classy tickets were for,
Highly Acclaimed, 4 ½ hour running,
none other movie than the famous “Gandhi”
Getting any tickets for this movie then was not easy

The whole family
in due gratitude, did go for the movie,
Enjoyed it fully,
With no cut backs on interval snacking,
Returned feeling full & very happy,
For the movie was also a beauty…

Unfortunately only to find on return,
their house completely burgled
in the period interim,
with all household valuables missing…..!

The burglars had nicely planned,
what they had in mind…..!
And the family was lured,
into this free gift grind,
of a horrible kind……!

I am reminded of this story,
Whenever I find people running to any degree,
To acquire anything advertised as available free
Without realizing nothing in the world is given free,
One has to always spend very much more,
Whenever anyone has acquired anything free.

Better & always wise to buy whatever you want
Of the right quality & of the right kind,
Paying its appropriate price with wisdom in mind,
Never to fall a prey to free offers promoted by crooked minds

Very sorry for this write, so lengthy
For, even for reading anything free
We have to spend,…. Expend our time,
Time which is money, valuable very
especially in these times
When we are racing, always in a hurry ……!

” Vishvnand “

(P.S.: This is a modified version & adoption from a happening, a news item; I recall reading in a newspaper abroad, in late 70’s. I get reminded of it due to the lure of free gifts & giveaway’s being flouted about galore presently to fool the public)

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