In that hideous mad garb,
Oh why did you stab
Me and ripped me apart,
My blood gushing in a spurt.

Cannot you see my wound bleeds,
On my forehead the perspiration beads,
Painful,piercing tears my eyes shed
Quietly, as my heart too,slowly bled.

How long can I subject myself,
To such dastardly acts of yourself,
Wherein you cannot think of anything
But just let the dastards in your mind win.

Why do you torture me to such extents,
Reduce my whole self to mere oddments,
Out of sheer disgust,I shiver and shudder,
As my heart strangely flutters and bewilders.

What overcomes you, I fail to understand!
What gets that madness fanned?
Making your entire sensibilities disband,
Locking all your emotions,your feelings jammed.

My entire self riddled with open wounds,
Wonders how to stop this brutal trend,
When you are out of all bounds
And do not respond to calls or sounds.

You enter a world of your own,
Where you dangerously bemoan,
Your inferiorities,your failures,
Displaying a ghastly behaviour.

You harm yourself,and kill a part of me,
You break my trust and try to flee,
From the truth of your situation and reality,
Wonder why you stoop down to such immaturity!

No more can I take this asperity,
Your detachment from senses and insularity,
I bleed and cry in pain;
But you remain unmoved,in your own domain.

When already I did cede,
From everything in our relationship I secede,
Then why am I left to bleed and benumb,
Beware lest I succumb
To all your mad atrocities,
And collapse and breakdown in front of your montrosities.
You may be then left alone to fight your inner demons,
With deeper wounds,pains and a life without any reason.


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