Where Am I Going…

‘On an undefined path

isolated thoughts are growing, 

I often ask this question to myself

that…Where am i going? 

I do own a bunch of relations, 

so do I have friends, 

still my heart seeks for those

who dissolve together like true blends.

this odd journey of mine

seems so long, 

I don’t know how my destiny takes me, 

where I belong.

the childhood dreams had gone

I don’t know where, 

yet trying hard to justify my existence, 

somewhere to be there.

that road is rough and dry, 

all I see is an endless horizon, 

the distance is yet to be covered, 

feeling helpless as this world is soaked in illusion.

My boat is battling a midst waves

and all that matters now is, how fast am I rowing, 

still wondering is it this a true path

where I am going…? 

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