The English Economy

Two Indian Gentlemen

Define, promote and drive the English economy

Their names are Nadeem Khan

And recently Lalit Modi

Ever since Nadeem Khan

Famous for the Nadeem Shravan blend of music

Left the country

Our country has been falling short on the musical movies

India’s loss has been Britain’s gain

Nadeem can be forgiven for a crime he committed

In killing a really nice man Gulshan Kumar

Who must have had the agenda of making charity into a religion

For charity always remains a charity.

Lalit Modi too can also be forgiven

For he is one businessman who can break all norms

In his quest to do better business

And he has nearly made all his confessions

And he kept a palace fuctioning

If Nadeem Khan

And Lalit Modi

Come back to India

And are granted safe residence in India

The fall of UK is certain

Nobody will even talk about that country in future.

Two Lion hearted Indians are at the moment in hiding in UK


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