Entry #6: Wish This Wasn’t Real

**This horrific pain is getting worse, as time keeps passing by,
What bothers me the most, there’s nothing I can do.
And the more the pain progresses, the more I want to cry,
It’s not fair that I’m enduring this, it’s overwhelming to go through.
**I also hate the face that I’m hurting everyday,
Never getting better, but steadily getting worse.
It’s even harder to go outside,when my daughter asks me to play,
It literally makes me mad, that I have to suffer with this curse.
**So I just hope that very soon, I’ll be able to find relief,
Because on a constant basis, I can’t stand how it makes me feel.
For all this condition does, it’s causing me nothing but grief,
Why is this even happening? I just wish it wasn’t real.

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