He was just like the fragrance,

Only the essence,

Could feel his presence

Everywhere,every minute and second.

What will happen to her,

The beautiful,radiant flower,

Freshly bathed in the dew drops shower,

But losing her sheen every hour.

She thought it was a minor injury,

Would heal in a hurry,

In deadning pain and misery,

It was about him,she did worry.

She could not figure that he was in her,

In her veins and blood he raced and stir,

Like a soft, soothing birr, 

But she did not know,nor did she infer.

He just roamed around like the wind wild,

Running around like a naughty child,

At her he widely smiled,

Seeing her pure beauty he was beguiled.

Like the breeze here and there he flew,

At times nearer to her he drew,

Then further he grew,

All of a sudden,away he flew.

Even if he ever comes again,

It will be to regain 

His territory and domain,

Not because of her love,loneliness or pain.

In the celebrations of spring,

When the flowers will smile and the birds sing,

To her he will bring 

Himself,in his perfume sousing.

But finally he will again leave,

The poor flower,he will again deceive,

Making her dainty heart cleave

And for him,forever grieve.

His love was like the flooded river,

Like the descending waters,

It reduced and got over,

His love for her was never.

She was covered by her veil of decency,

In keeping with her descendancy,  

In an act of benignancy, 

Out of pure love, tolerated his ascendancy.

He calmly sat on the golden sand carefree,

Her love for him,he just could not see,

Leaving her behind,he happily broke free,

All she could do was, keep loving and his craziness forgive.


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